Setting the scene

When it comes to storytelling, quality in production makes all the difference. The care and thoughtfulness that go into a film, reflects the dedication, respect and energy that go into your products and services. Quality draws us in. Quality makes us feel.

With 15 years of local and international experience across a multitude of industries, our team of visual engineers, cinematographers and editors set the scene for excellence.
Blink Productions team setting up scene for filming
Matt Young from Blink Productions

Matt Young


Matt brings over 15 years of experience in both writing and directing film projects, which includes directing two feature films released commercially in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Recognising an opportunity in the market where he could offer quality production in affordable packages, he founded Blink in 2018. The growing team now services clients in Australia and overseas.

He believes that you gain nothing without hard work and determination. Nurturing the success of client partners, he approaches every detail with curiosity and ambition, all the way to completion.
Kieran Courtney from Blink Productions

Kieran Courtney


Sunshine Coast local Kieran Courtney is a passionate entrepreneur with experience across multiple industries including Real Estate Development and Property Sales. He understands what it takes to build trust with clients and recognises the value in giving back to the community through partnering with charitable organisations like Wishlist, Noosa Chances and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander owned Darkwood Studio, which funnels all proceeds back to performers and artists.

He’s a firm believer that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and seeks solutions through meticulous planning and determination.
Tara Jackson from Blink Productions

Rachel Mullineaux


Rachel has a diploma in Photography and a background as a Real Estate Agent, so it’s no wonder she gravitated towards Blink. When being organised means everything, she runs a tight ship with contagious enthusiasm.
Julian Tailford from Blink Productions

Julian Tailford


Self-taught Julian Tailford found his passion for cinematography at just 14 years old. Today, he’s a thought leader. Experimenting with purpose, reverse engineering, drawing inspiration from the world around him and inspiring others along the way. While his craft is delivered with the utmost professionalism and precision, he still believes that If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it properly.
Ryan Butler from Blink Productions

Matt Elliot Taylor


Motivated by a life-long love for cinema, Matthew is reassuringly qualified in storytelling with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Industries and Post-Graduate qualification in Journalism. He believes that everything is achievable one shot at a time. It’s easy to recognise the passionate touch he adds to his craft.

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